About Us

Our company has over 30 years of combined experience in project management, general contracting, handyman services, remodeling, concrete, and construction.

We currently serve the Leavenworth County area. One of our goals is to work closely with the customer so that we can give the best price possible while still providing the highest professional quality possible. You say you don't want somebody coming into your home and doing it all, that's fine, we can also give you a price if you only want a helping hand or you want to help us to complete your project. You let us know what you are looking for and it is our job to do our very best to provide exactly that.


 The Ackerland name comes from the old town of Ackerland, KS. Ackerland is a German word that basically means farm land. This was the site of a bustling little town with a train station, that is now the location of the farm my family is from - known as Ackerland Acres. We felt that recognizing family roots was a great way to always remember where we have come from, and the morals and values we were raised on. 


 We guarantee that your project will be done to a professional standard at a fair price!

 We also guarantee all of our work to your standards. That means the work is done like you want it – the most important guarantee of all.


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